Margaret Starbird in Raleigh, N.C.

     Sandra Pope is my first "guest blogger", giving a first hand description of the weekend of Magdalene events.  Thanks for letting us all share in the experience, Sandra.
    Sandra's report:
     Margaret  Starbird spoke in three separate venues in Raleigh, N.C. April 11-13, 2008, where, through, her presence and her teachings, she opened minds and hearts to the recovery of the inner Lost Bride and to the Sacred union of divine feminine and sacred masculine energies.
     After a four-hour intensive seminar on the Sacred Union on Sunday, the weekend's events culminated in an empowering meditation, provided by Joan Norton, and a deeply moving anointing service in which Margaret anointed emissaries of the sacred union, many of whom were weeping. 
    At each of the three events, Margaret was erudite, absolutely convincing of her scholarship, witty, personable, loving, and able to open her listeners so that they would have "ears to hear" her message. Beverly Brockover, mistress of ceremonies and manager of Dancing Moon, hosted Margaret and said that she is "the embodiment of the sacred union, a woman through whom divine love and presence flow uninterruptedly."
     "The first clue that Margaret was able to harmonize the divine feminine and the sacred masculine was that my two dogs loved her," Beverly quipped. "She is a woman of love and peace."
     At the author's reception on Friday evening at Dancing Moon Books and Gifts, the metaphysical bookstore that sponsored the event  , a group of twenty gathered to buy books, and as Margaret signed them, she spoke intimately with each person.
     At one point in the evening, a young woman, who was interested in ways to make her church's architecture more feminine, sat at Margaret's feet and let herself be fed by Margaret's presence and wisdom.
     One woman, who did not know Margaret was there, stopped in to get a copy of
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (LeLoup), spent time talking with Margaret, and signed up for Margaret's intensive Sunday seminar on the Sacred Union.
     A circle gathered around Margaret at the end of that first evening and listened as she spoke about the Sacred Union that was originally at the heart of Christianity before the church wrote The Magdalene out of the scriptures. The divine and the divine union isn't out there, she said. "It's in each of us, in every moment."
     The next evening Margaret lectured on "The Lost Bride in Christianity" to a group of about fifty, many of whom had walked a labyrinth and set a sacred tone for the event in the beautiful Founder's Hall of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh.
     She told of her personal journey: her initial resistance to the call to restore the lost bride of Christianity, and her eventual acceptance of revealed truth through synchronicities and oracular readings from the Bible.
     Margaret showed through her lecture and her slide show of art and artifact how the sacred union of the divine masculine, as embodied in Yeshua, and the sacred feminine, as embodied in The Magdalene, was once at the heart of Christianity. Her research demonstrated that Yeshua and The Magdalene were united, both on the earth plane through marriage and on the inner spiritual plane through Hieros Gamos.
      At one point , she asked rhetorically, "How would the world have been different if Christianity had kept this model of the Sacred Union at its center?"  She noted, "Once in a much smaller group than this one, when I asked that question, an older Polish woman answered, 'There would not have been the Holocaust!'"
Several in the crowd gasped audibly in recognition of that truth and perhaps other inner, unspoken truths about how their own lives and worlds would have been different had the sacred union not been hidden, had the divine had a feminine face as well as a masculine one.

Personal Note:
My answer to Margaret's question about how my life would have been different if the Sacred Union had remained at the heart of Christianity:  My father would not have raped me. He would have known I was divine, as all other men would know that they are the divine masculine and that women are the sacred feminine.
I chronicle my journey to understand my own dysfunction in my spiritual memoir,
Growing Up Without the Goddess: A Journey through Sexual Abuse to the Sacred Embrace of Mary Magdalene , which will be out sometime this summer.  www.growingupwithoutthegoddess.come   Through the spunky voice of my young-girl self, I use my "Nancy Drew" consciousness to discover the secrets of the past.
     Though much is revealed, and it is clear that I was molested, neglected, and abused, I fail to discover the identity of the one who first abused me when I was too young to form memories. Eventually, through visions and dreams, Mary Magdalene reveals him to me. She also teaches me that growing up in a culture without the goddess, growing up in a patriarchal culture, causes the same dysfunctional patterns in  all women that being raped caused in me.

Sandra Pope


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