When Can We Have a Mary Magdalene Art Show?

     Yes. When can we have an art show of Magdalene and Sacred Union artwork? Who's embroidering and quiltmaking and painting and sculpting on the theme of  the Bride of Christ, the Beautiful One? How will our daughters know we've revived the Sacred Feminine in our Western Mysteries Tradition, in our story of the ever-renewing Grail cup of life? 
   Not that I can paint, but I know lots of  you can. Sheila Greer has been inspired to paint the Mysteries, and Ruth Thompson has been working with Mary Magdalene images for years. My sister Sally was inspired to make jewelry (rosaries) that touch her heart's longing for Sacred Union. I've begun to write thoughts and commentary on the Mary Magdalene Rosary prayers so we can build up the teachings that Her life inspires, and I hope many other women do the same kind of writing. We are in a gateway time to the new era of "connectedness between all things", which is what the story of Jesus "the Christ"  and Mary "the Magdalene"  represents. It seems important to me to bring a flood of artwork along with us into the new era so that those who come next can use us as touchstones to their continuing creation of the Good.

    Our dreams provide us with the imagery necessary to understand our own spiritual journeys in a purely individual way, with personal symbols intertwined with timeless Mystery teachings. Naturally, we can't have the attitude that "a cigar is only a cigar" (Freudian) about our own dreams. It's better to ask "why is this symbol here?" than to assume it's something  I ate before bed that caused the dream.  The internet makes dream symbol interpretation much easier these days. I recently had an intriguing symbol in a dream, it was a broken dish with a vine, a star, and a hand held up in greeting.  The dish intrigued me because I thought it was a grail but why a flat dish?  Googling "grail" brought up the phrase "dish of Rhydderch", which turns out to be the earlier version of a grail cup. It's from a Welsh spiritual story with the idea of the ever-renewing Source of Life represented as a dish  of plenty, the source of spiritual abundance on earth. The Sacred Feminine compliment of Light. Earth and Heaven.  The Welsh story apparently came from Irish Celtic sources, and was carried on through the Welsh storytellers to the French storytellers and hence, the Grail Romances which speak of "the beautiful Lady".  So when I dreamed of the dish of Rhydderch I was dreaming of my own dear Sacred Union story in it's earlier incarnation. The great Mysteries are timeless and eternal. 


     The Mary Magdalene Mysteries Rosary identifies 14  highlights of Mary Magdalene's spiritual journey in union with Jesus and God. In these stories she represents not only her own story of great personal love for Jesus the man, but she also represents our  soul's journey through an earth incarnation where we develop a heart balanced with love and wisdom.  That's why her personal story is also eternal and timeless, it's our own soul's story as well.  Each of the 14 story highlights is worthy of  deep pondering and questioning. Margaret Starbird has told them to us in lovely , simple sentences such as "Mary's tears move Jesus to raise her brother Lazarus", and it's up to each one of us to fill out that knowledge for ourselves. What does it mean that my heart's feeling and longing will be heard and acted upon by Jesus/Sacred Masculine/God/Light/Heaven? Does that mean my feelings are vital to my own soul journey?  Yes, I think so. They are what "push the story along". One reason I think this particular Mary Magdalene life highlight is especially important is that women have been so thoroughly trained out of our own heart's instincts that we're suspicious of our own feelings much of the time. Tears are one of the iconic symbols of the Sacred Feminine engaged with life. And it doesn't always mean unhappiness when we cry, it's often simply a response to feeling life in a deep way.


    There are layers of meaning to each of the 14  Mysteries of Mary Magdalene's life story. That's why I wanted to work on these story pieces with women in my Magdalene Circle, so that I could feel and ponder them and gain wisdom from other women's views.  That's why I'm loving the idea of the monthly Magdalene Circle on the internet radio program "Spiritually Speaking "  with Cynthia Jordan and Lerin Winter. Each 22nd of the month I'll have the chance to talk to YOU as we go over the various 14 steps and highlights of Magdalene's lifestory.  It's a call-in show that's podcast for later listening as well.  We'll be talking on Thursday October 22 about the "It Was Foretold" chapter in 14 Steps To Awaken the Sacred Feminine: Women in the Circle of Mary Magdalene.  It's about prophecy, the inner knowing that is the birthright of right brain, sacred feminine. Those who prophecized in olden times seemed to know She was coming and those those prophesize now know She's here. 


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  • 10/4/2009 8:39 AM sheila wrote:
    Hi Joan....thank you for remembering the paintings I have done of MM...still working on the seven legendary mysteries of "her"..you know how hectic things can get...just back from North Idaho and Canada..had a great visit.I am willing to help any way possible...not a good organizer, but always ready to follow a great lead!!!!!!!!!...: )..sheila
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    1. 10/4/2009 8:51 AM Joan Norton wrote:
      Hi Sheila,  I'm glad you had a good vacation visit.  As you are ready to share your paintings of the various Magdalene Mysteries ( if you want to share them, of course)  ,  let me know. This blog is one forum and I think Facebook is great too.  That way I can let women who are already in Magdalene Circles (in Texas, California, and one starting in Seattle) know about what you've done and where they can see the paintings. To me, it's all about inspiring  others to allow their creativity to express about Magdalene .   xoJoan

      P.S. Here's a photo of a needlepoint project Sheila did. Kind of a small photo, sorry! She describes it as ".Mary's annointing vessel, two vines protruding upwards ( Her and Yeshua), background the "net" , on the cover of an ancient bible.."

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  • 10/8/2009 1:08 PM Valerie Gross wrote:
    She is SO here! There is a Mary Magdalene art show on right now! The NYC Metropolitan Opera's adjoining gallery is currently exhibiting a show called "Something about Mary" (Magdalene) through January 2010. Existing works and works specifically created for the exhibit all represent the views of such artists as Julian Schnabel and Kiki Smith. (No, I don't work there, I just live here) Blessings to all, and thank you Joan for your central work.
    - Valerie Gross
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    1. 10/9/2009 9:34 AM Joan Norton wrote:
      Hi Valerie,
        You're so right! I just read about that show and wondered what it would be like.  I wish there were more women artists in it. But I know that Mary Magdalene is "coming through" to lots of men and I'm glad they're brave enough to struggle with their own concepts of "She Who Knew the All".
        I'm intrigued that I didn't know about the N.Y. Opera art show when I wrote the blog. Just goes to show you that there's an intuitive antennae inside all of us. 
       By the way...personal opinion here... The George Condo painting they use to advertise the show is horrible. Poor Magdalene! Reduced to an alluring mouse.

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