The Alabaster Jar at Christmastime

    Would someone please Photoshop me a picture of Mary Magdalene with her jar-cauldron-vessel looking big enough to stir ? That's what I was longing for this week feeling the great dark energies of the deep winter Mother Godde making Her effort to find the Light one more time. Sometimes Mary Magdalene's alabaster jar feels smaller and sometimes bigger as she carries it through the year for us. Sometimes it's full of lovely smelling healing ointment that makes the men argue about her. And sometimes I want to see her standing next to a cauldron-sized alabaster jar, stirring the earth energy forward into the next phase of things. Having this feeling drove me to an image search on Google, which ended up being a stained glass window image search.  None of them have the cauldron I'm looking for but it seems like her cloak and mantle carry some of the feeling of enclosure that the cauldron has. She often is swathed in her cloak/mantle. I remember reading about the transition time between worship of the Goddess Brigit and "whichever" Mary and the writer said it was a smooth transition and people began praying to the newer version of their Goddess with  just a slightly different mantle that she wore. 

     In this wonderful fabric banner ( I'm partial to fabric)  "whichever" Mary has a mantle with a fluer-de-lis clasp, one of the secret symbols of the early alternative church of the sacred union traditions. 
    Here's a stained glass window that has Magdalene in a beautiful red mantle enveloping her in the "container" feeling that a cauldron has. It's a bright red cloth and maybe the symbolism of the Goddess weaving cloth is the same as the Goddess creating life , cooking it up in the cauldron. Creation in the cauldron feels more like alchemy with it's use of  the raw material of life to create something wholly new, while weaving has the feeling more of sacred geometry with it's careful, purposeful placement of energies to be in harmony in the physical world. 

     Weaving and mixing, creation and placement of your creation.... all the province of the feminine in her relationship to the masculine. Sacred Union. Sacred geometry is an art of relationship between things.

    I like the bigger jar in this window picture from a church in North Dakota. I think it's evidence that Mary Magdalene is a symbol in transition and that we can expect to see  pictures of her change as we go forward with her story.  It's already that way with individual artists but I expect it will be so even in church art  as well. Here's another modern one. That's her on the right.

  This coming Tuesday December 22 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time we'll be having our third Magdalene Circle at Spiritually Speaking online radio with Lerin Winter and Cynthia Jordan. This time the discussion is Lesson 3 from the Magdalene Circle book, the lesson called "Other Ways We Know She is the Bride". It's a favorite discussion of mine because it's all about the various symbols of her as Goddess in the Christian story, the symbols which people have woven, and made into watermarks, and painted into their pictures, and carved into their statues.  Now maybe we'll have to add the Photoshop capabilities as well.


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  • 12/20/2009 10:21 AM Noreen wrote:
    Joan... wish I could help with the Alabaster Jar image(s)... but LOVED the blog-post!
    Love and Light,
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    1. 12/20/2009 5:59 PM Joan Norton wrote:
      Hi Noreen,  I'm glad you enjoyed the thoughts and the pictures and the idea of Magdalene and a cauldron.... that's all that's important.  I enjoy your comments on Facebook and it's very good to have you here. xoJoan

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  • 12/21/2009 2:10 PM Jen Reed Murrell wrote:
    This was just what I needed. As I trudge this road toward whatever destiny awaits me, I have felt increasingly spiritually disconnected. Purposefully NOT invoking the Magdalene, purposefully turning away and "doing it on my own." Well, same sorry song, I reap what I sow. THANK YOU for continuing your invocation to this most sacred goddess. She is my strength, even when I push away...
    With deepest appreciation,
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    1. 12/21/2009 6:03 PM Joan Norton wrote:
      Hi Jen, I'm really gratified that you are here and that you speak your truth, it helps everyone. I mean that sincerely... what you say about trudging alone is something that happens to us all at various times. Ebb and flow probably describes it. You're loved and I doubt if your soul would let you go far away for very long. xojoan

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