Who Do You Anoint this Week?

   What do you anoint this week? Shall we celebrate that we are women and our spiritual job is to anoint? It was said that three drops from the goddess set a man on his quest for his own destiny, his own individual spiritual sovereignty inside himself. Perhaps to carry back something of Goodness for his community. The beginning of the story of Easter Week is the anointing by Mary the Magdalene of Jesus the Christ. We are each both. 
     Imagine what she knew of him. Imagine if we have the standard for ourselves that we be treated with the respect he treated her. "when this story is told, it will be told in memorial of her...".  He knew to place himself in receptivity to her and to Her. 
     What anointing of the three drops do we women give right now? Surely to the ones who place themselves in receptivity to sacred union between all things, which is the central value of the Sacred Feminine.
  Karen Tate asked me on her radio show last week what women get when they take up the mantle of Mary Magdalene and I said something like "self respect and the insistence that we be treated well". If you realize that you were the one who was chosen to anoint, to choose, to bless, the hero in the story......well, you'd appreciate yourself. And you'd insist that  every man to do the same. 

                  The Wedding Feast at Cana (with Mary Magdalene)
          Painting by Gerard David (1503)  Poem by Katerina Fretwell 

Hail, young Mary, sidelined between
          Jesus and his mother, their haloes'
                   gold spikes bore into your eyes
                      as you peep at your espoused.

Crimson bodice and hair
           signify your royal lineage,
                      but where is your golden
                             aureole as half the Christos?

Mission mates, you and Yeshu
             cherish the hagios gamos-
                         your conjoined blood & body,
                                 the clandestine Eucharist.

Prey to a messiah complex,
           Constantine crowned himself
                    first  Holy Roman Emperor,
                              lording it over Jesus, forcing your

flight, gravid & grave, to Provence.
           15 centuries later, Gerard David
                     painted your secret lineage-
                              enduring despite pomp and papacy.



                                                            It's your crown.

*thank you to Rev. John Beverley Butcher for allowing me to use the Jesus and Mary Magdalene icon above, which is available from Trinity Stores.com.

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  • 4/1/2010 7:21 PM Jennifer Reif wrote:
    Hi Joan,

    Thank you for the beautiful artwork and poetry, I really love your choices! I think that Goddess Religion does that for women, creates a place where they can identify with being whole, being sacred, having the power to create blessings, and also receive blessings. We can anoint ourselves and find a place where we are whole, deserving, loved and loving. There are lots of Goddess self-anointing rites, there's one in my book, "Mysteries of Demeter," which includes the blessings of both an Earth and a Sea Goddess.

    I think that someone a while back, on Goddess-Christians forum, said something about women needing to perform a self-blessing, a self-anointing, every day. And it's simple for anyone to create a self-blessing, you just need water or oil, a candle and an image of Our Lady. Just anoint the body, heart, and mind, identifying with Goddess as you go. I think self-anointings are easy to find on the net too if you want one fast and you can always adapt it for yourself.

    Wishing everyone wholeness and peace in this holy season. Blessings of Our Lord and Lady.

    Love, Jen
    "The Holy Book of Mary Magdalene"
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    1. 4/2/2010 10:57 AM Joan Norton wrote:
      Thank you, Jen.... beautifully said and you're so right about the daily self appreciation and blessing. I'm excited that there's so much poetry and artwork being created now that is inspired by Mary M. and Sacred Union. I"m remembering the incredibly beautiful altar you made for the ceremony we had at your house. Really inspired and feelingful. xoJoan
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      1. 4/2/2010 5:48 PM Jennifer Reif wrote:
        Hi again!

        I was giving some thought to that very important question that you were asked...about taking up the mantle of Mary Magdalene. In a way this is like asking what does Mary Magdalene mean to you? I have an answer too, and I bet lots of people have lots of various answers that would be really interesting to hear.

        Anyway, what does Mary Magdalene mean to me? I think that first she represents the importance of not misjudging someone, of instead trying to see directly inside that person's heart, rather than accepting rumours or what others might say. She was so misjudged in the New Testament, and so much of her heart was not apparent to those who recorded that part of history. And that unfairness is just now returning to a state of justice.

        And she also means to me that Jesus, a very wise man, chose a woman who he felt was his equal, and of course that changes the whole mythos into one of balance, so that both genders are represented in the transformational journey that had only been focused on Jesus.

        For me, Mary Magdalene is love and wisdom; she weeps freely when it is very appropriate, she is fearless in her love for Jesus, she does not hide her love. She is never mean or low minded, she is always reaching to the higher wisdom, and encouraging us to do the same, to be good to each other, to try to move forward.

        She encourages me to reach higher in my learning about who I am, and about my relationship to the world. And of course She is a form of the Goddess for me as well, in all of the seasonal cycle ways that are so blissful to express.

        Yes, I recall the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene and the altar I made, lovely memories and I so appreciated your presence. I still hold on to the idea that one day I will have a year where I can present all of the Magdalene seasonal festivals in LA; maybe 2011. We shall see!

        Love, Jenny
        "The Holy Book of Mary Magdalene"
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        1. 4/5/2010 4:49 PM Joan Norton wrote:
          Hi Jen, Thank you again for the time you took to give such a thoughtful comment. xoJoan
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  • 4/11/2010 10:36 AM Lerin Ramsay Winter wrote:
    "The Anointing"
    Tis such a sacred and spiritual action to perform. How fortunate that She did so with Him.
    Joan your entry is so beautifully written and the images speak many words in themselves. Yeshua and His Mother Mary were apparently born with their Crowns in place and visible to most. Perhaps it was Mari Magdalene's path that she chose with the Holy Family that brought her ever present Shining Golden Crown to her. We look at the color of most cooking oils and sacred oils and there is a golden glow about them. I believe there is a strong connection there along with the idea of truly taking care of one's own needs first and then administering to those we love as well as others in need.
    And with respect to Jenny's entry, I recently learned from Aparna Khanolkar how very important self anointing is. The Eastern Vedic tradition teaches "Abayanga" ~ a daily ritual of anointing with oil, ones own body from the crown of your head to your feet, the tip of your toes. The process allows you to take the time to touch in with yourself and thus ground your energies and protect the seven layers of skin (our shield) in the upcoming events of the day.
    To anoint then, another with oils, particularly the feet helps to heal all parts of the body that have become depleted. Thusly by using oils (ghee, sesame, grapeseed, coconut, etc.) we restore a balance in our selves and others to move forward safely.
    Many Blessings to you all in this most lovely of seasons ~
    With Love, Lerin
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    1. 4/11/2010 6:10 PM Joan Norton wrote:
      Lerin, thank you very much for contributing your awareness and knowledge..... I really appreciate it. I have not heard that idea that Jesus and his mother were "born with their Crowns in place and visible to most."  That's amazing and I understand it on the etheric level. I hope you'll write in and contribute more as you are inspired to. We all benefit. Love, Joan
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  • 5/27/2010 12:02 PM Maria McEwen wrote:
    Did not know that red hair was necessarily associated with royalty...it's always a thrill to find another piece of the puzzle...thanks.
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