Are You a Galilean?

 If you are one of the 34.5 million Americans who claim Irish  DNA, we have an important show for you on the April 22  Magdalene Circle. Author Barry Dunford will tell us how the placename "Galilee" is related to the people called the Gael, Celtic people. I'm going to ask Barry to give us the lore that comes down through history in the placenames of the British Isles about Jesus' family connections in Wales, England and Scotland.Naming places was the first way to record history. Jesus' name in Arabic was Issa, with Iosa as the Gaelic version. It makes sense that Jesus visited the Mystery Schools in the British Isles as we know he visited the mystery schools in other religious traditions, but it may have been more of a "home visit". Barry will share with us the many, many connections with the name Issa/Iosa/Essa in "the Holy Land of Britain". His book is Vision of Albion : The Key to the Holy Grail  and you can have a sneak preview on his website at bloodline is a maternal bloodline and there's a lot more to know about Anna, Jesus' grandmother.

    The Magdalene Circle show is providing a good place for us to feel comfortable talking the women's spirituality talk of christianity.( I feel like its mine if I don't capitalize it) It's us women talking the talk that's going to change things. On May 1 Margaret Starbird and I are giving a talk in Ashland, Oregon at the Hidden Springs Wellness Center and I'm going to demonstrate how the Magdalene Circles work. We take a bit of Magdalene story, such as "Journey in the Boat with No Oars", and talk about experiences of our own life which feel like that part of Mary Magdalene's life. And we have a meditation to bring in our own soul's imagery. And we share our experiences.That's how we connect our individual life to the spiritual journey of Sacred Union. That's how we carry the evolution/revolution forward.      Click "Magdalene Circles"
   Every once in a while I have a dream that places me out in space looking at the Earth and telling me something. This time I saw a scorecard, a chart of all the various areas of Earth being worked on to heal it. The healing was happening not by geography or by governments but by "projects". It's us lending our eager hearts to healing , each in our own pet projects, that makes the difference.


     Here's the mitochondrial DNA crop circle at Crooked Soley to remind us that the spiritual projects we're in are BIG.
    Mary Magdalene, Love Incarnate, Show Us the Way of the Heart.



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  • 5/27/2010 11:55 AM Maria McEwen wrote:
    I'm Scottish on both sides of family, so interested bigtime in info. of this nature...this author also ties into my longtime passion for stained glass windows and my new fascination with crop circles, so you've got me hooked!
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  • 6/29/2010 10:17 AM bill wrote:
    thank you
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