She Just Stepped Off the Boat

  I wonder how old she was when she stepped off the boat in France. Mother of a pre-teen girl. Sister, daughter-in-law. Widow. Woman in danger. She was suppose to feel hopeful I'm sure, arriving in the new world. Brand new life ahead, brand new people to know, brand new feelings of safety. 
I don't think she knew she was a spiritual heroine or had a future as the Queen of Heaven next to her Beloved. I'm pretty sure she was more like you and me within our own spiritual life stories. She had to cope with the grief of lost love and find the corner of her heart that would live forward. I wonder what it was that led her forward. It wasn't  a need to build a church, I'm pretty sure of that. She may have talked and shared with people the "inside story" of the new teachings that Godde is everywhere inside and out and the Kings are no better than anyone else, but I don't think she was making a rulebook.about it. After all, she'd lived with the one who chased the moneychangers out of their greed temple, a place of rigid rules about their God.
   She is the one who shows us with her story that we can go on into a new world, a new way of things. Maybe the turbulence was behind her now and it was a time of equilibrium and restoration. She had the remembrance of Sacred Union in the flesh with the Beloved of her heart, no one could change that. She stepped off the boat into a time of sharing who she was and what she knew and what Jesus was like. And what his stories were meant to tell about connectedness between all things. And that she was his bodylife sacred wife and mother of his child. People would make of it what they would. And undergo oppression of their love story over and over again. 

     "Arrival" is a part of the seasonal journey of the year as well. It has a Beltane feeling of coming out of a tricky time when things could have gone wrong in the harsh winter. Now there can be fullness in the land. Soon we'll celebrate the fullness with Magdalene's Feast Day, the day of feeling the bounty that comes with having a Queen of Earth and flesh, one who bravely loves.
   But for now there's just the gratitude of the arrival, one more time.


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  • 5/28/2010 9:08 AM Lerin Ramsay Winter wrote:
    " The Gratitude of the Arrival" ~I Love That Joan. The greeting of each new day, the welcome sound of the morning with the birds still singing. We ~ each of us do not know what to expect in these rocky times. Know that yes, Godde is Here. It is enough.
    With Love and Light, Lerin
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    1. 5/29/2010 1:50 PM Joan Norton wrote:
      Hi Lerin,
         Thank you for your always-positive thoughts and visions about things..... we're all working hard to be that way and you do an especially great job of it. Thank you for your commitment to Sacred Union. 
        For those of you who don't know Lerin, she's the hostess, along with Cynthia Jordan, of  our monthly Magdalene Circles as well as Spiritually Speaking. Lerin "dresses the altar" at the beginning of each  Magdalene show and I always feel myself drop down into a feelingful state when she does that. You can see and hear more of what Lerin is doing  by clicking right here .
         Lerin and I and Cynthia share a special bond and special curiosity about the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in Scotland and there is some material about that on the website too. We interviewed Barry Dunford, author of Vision of Albion: The Key to the Holy Grail  on the April 22 show, if you are interested in listening.  
        The main focus for me is to support consciousness about Jesus and Magdalene's Sacred Union, but my curiosity was certainly aroused by Barry's work and books.
        Thank you, Lerin...

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  • 6/3/2010 12:55 PM Rebecca wrote:
    Thank you for this poignant post, Joan. For some reason it awoke deep emotion in me, almost sorrow but not quite. It's hard to put my finger on it - like I want to reach out and hold her to my heart. I feel the pain of loosing contact with the Beloved and feeling like I am in a boat with no oars. Yet a voice in my heart speaks, "Beloved, I AM here, I am always with You".
    Love Rebecca
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    1. 6/4/2010 8:34 AM Joan Norton wrote:
      Dear Rebecca,
         Thank you very much for your heartfelt response. Mary Magdalene is "the way of the heart", isn't she? Her story carries such feeling... it's often too much to bear. She was able to hold the  paradox in her heart of her beloved being gone and yet with her. 
      Thank you for being a part of the new journey.

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  • 6/20/2010 12:02 AM sheila r greer wrote:
    hi joan...your article was very uplifting and fulfilling as usual.!..I like to contemplate on Mary's arrival as symbolizing a new "place to be" of relative safety, knowing how unstable the ruling authorities were in those days; but also I think she viewed her life mission was that of to help spread her beloved's message and meaning as far as she could. I sometimes have a conflict in believing she spent her last years in a cave of course in contemplation and meditation..the spiritual force of Jesus' "new way" was so strong., and spreading so fast..she was the heart of his message...But, anyway, wanted to reccommend to you and your readers a book I just discovered entitled, "WOMENS BODIES/WOMENS WISDOM by Dr. Christanne Northtrop, M.D...She of course provides needed medical info we all need at our age but uses as her premise the connection of mind>body>soul as a learning tool for healing. Also uses as her sources some of the goddess literature of ancient times in describing the importance of the sacred feminine and the importance of women's roles; also describes the subconcience(did I spell that right) as being the basis of all change, giving quotes from several Jungian therapists as examples...hmm, wonder whose books she has been reading lately?!...take care...: )..
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    1. 6/21/2010 3:27 PM Joan Norton wrote:
      Dear Sheila,
         Big yes to Christiane Northrups's work and books... I have found them really helpful too. She makes medicine more humane. 
        Interesting that you mention the legends of Mary Magdalene spending her last years in contemplation in a cave because I recently heard Margaret say she thought that was a way of saying "they lost track of her".  She disappeared from our exact knowing, which I think is another way of saying she began her withdrawal from her physical life.  The cave is a symbol of both birth and death, of course, so it fits to say she "went into a cave" to transition into the next life. 
        Hope you're doing well.... xoJoan

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