"Sing your secret through us, Lady"

    Thursday July 22, 2010 is Mary Magdalene's Feast Day. Each year it feels deeper and wider and more important. Churches still within the confusion of knowing she is becoming more of the story but not knowing why, seek out ways to celebrate her. They may hope for the success of the "apostle to the apostles" story so they don't have to change everything. But everything is changing and it will be always for the better if they include her in the love story. As we already have.

                                                                                             On Wednesday night July 21 at 8 p.m. Pacific Time I'm going to be on Rene Barnett's Night Vision online radio show. You may remember Rene as the producer of the Bloodline documentary, which was about excavating for Magdalene relics at Rennes le Chateau in France. We'll talk about mysteries and secrets, including the mysterious ways Mary Magdalene comes into women's dreams and visions. Click here to go to the Night Vision site and listen in. Rene is planning a Bloodline Mystery Tour to France in September, which will be fun to hear about. 

   Thursday July 22 at 1:30 Rene will be our guest on the monthly Magdalene Circle online radio show. And Margaret Starbird will be in the talk too, which is always the biggest treat. She was in the Bloodline documentary, as you know. Cynthia Jordan and Lerin Winter have been so committed to making the radio Magdalene Show an ongoing part of their Spiritually Speaking shows.... they're great. Cynthia's Mary Magdalene song at the beginning of the show always instantly deepens my feelings. Click here for Spiritually Speaking and the call in phone number.  

       I have a very beautiful Magdalene Feast Day poem by Canadian poet Penn Kemp to share with you.  It's called "Recall".

by Penn Kemp

Purple spikes rampant now. Cliché bounds
garden gnomes.  We drink somewhat musty 

ginger tea.  Second cups await, red roobos 
with mint and lemon balm I’ve just plucked.

Magdalene might know this tonic, or others
similar.  Her purple turban that paintings so

proudly display as her nearly royal emblem
might bob through the fields as she gathers.

Though she would have servants harvesting,
that fine curved hand not browned by sun.  

Her name day conjures presence on waves
of prayer, an iconography of purple and red.

Similars, signature.  Like calls to like out
of time.  Speaking harmonies.  Chords lift.

A decorum wealth bestows, lush richness
suggesting florid abundance, jars of unguent.  

She is always depicted wrapped, self-contained

and rapt.  Cups of tea cool by her side, steam
rising like plumage, like the coils of her turban.

Twenty-two is the master number in Hebrew,
a vibration that opens time with broad strokes

beyond the moment to more universal scope.
But butterfly bush flowers in her honour now.

Echinacea flourishes, blossom and root, for her
medicinal.  Wise woman of herbs, of mystery.

Sing your secret through us, Lady.  We are
listening.  Then and now.  Now and then when

we remember.  When your name day reminds.

©Penn Kemp, July 22

   Thank you very much for enriching our Magdalene Circle, Penn..... so generous.

If you are intrigued with her work and want more of its beauty, here is some of Penn's information and contact sites.
Penn Kemp, Pendas Productions
525 Canterbury Road, London ON N6G 2N5
t519) 434-8555
e: penn@pennkemp.ca


   So there we have it... Magdalene Feast Day... and how will it be for you? What does She want of you? How does she meet her Beloved in you?





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  • 7/20/2010 4:10 AM sheila greer wrote:
    hi joan..what a wonderful textural poem to start the day! its so full of thought provoking images of Mary and her life..I like the reminder of the signifisense of the number 22 in the Hebrew language...all of the Hebrew letters has their own energy vibrations....thanks for a beautiful article and poem!...sheila.: )..
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    1. 7/20/2010 12:02 PM Joan Norton wrote:
      Hi Sheila..... thanks as always for being with us.... Joan
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  • 7/22/2010 11:33 AM Christine wrote:
    My dearest sisters,

    I do love this MM blog.
    I felt sad today on this special day, thinking that still, in spite of Mark 14:9, and almost 2000 years later, there is not much telling in memory of Mary Magdalene around.
    Reading a little in your entries and comments, I do feel very much comforted.

    Vibrations here in Germany, Berlin, about Mary Magdalene seem to be slightly different though. I do not feel that the sacred union has already taken place, but think it more probable that it is something happening in the not too distant future. So until now my intuition tells me there was no child of Jesus and Mary. This explains 2000 years of earthen wasteland, with the bride in exile.
    And r e a l l y in exile on earth, bound to reincarnation and not being assumed in heaven body and soul.
    So in my Rosary SHE dies in France, for the salvation of mankind, not like the MOther of Christ - but of course in no way less important than the Virgin Mother.
    We are all led by the Holy Spirit, so I really do look forward to seeing things and truths slowly unfolding.
    Maybe you are right? We will all know eventually!
    All my love to all of you on this special day!
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    1. 7/22/2010 11:55 AM Joan Norton wrote:
      Dear Christine,  
        It is difficult to be as sensitive as you are to the vibrational world. A gift and yet there is the sensitivity to the "not so happy" material too.
         I feel hopeful because many, many, many more women now than five or ten years ago are honoring and loving Mary Magdalene. That's the hope. As she lives more strongly within women and men of heart, the world will slowly change and Jesus will have his Beloved back again.
        It is a daily spiritual discipline to stay in love with the hopefulness of Sacred Union.  The model of sacred union is the only one from which new life is born... on the spiritual, physical, vibrational level.
         In a couple hours I"m going to be on the Magdalene Circle show with Margaret Starbird and Rene Barnett and I know  it will be hopeful and uplifting. I hope you are there with us. 
      Blessings of the New Creation to you, Christine.   Joan

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      1. 7/23/2010 12:07 AM Christine wrote:
        My dearest Joan,
        first of all thank you for this website, for the Magdalene Circles, for nurturing Mary MAgdalene and the Sacred Union in your heart.
        This is very exciting for me, because it is the very first time that I am communicating with someone who has been led on a similar spiritual journey.
        Until very recently I had never read any publications about Mary Magdalene. Only one month ago did I read the first two books of Margaret Starbird.
        All those years, beginning with a vision in 1993 about Jesus and the redemption of the world, I let myself only be lead by visions and dreams.
        In this first vision I saw a woman who was playing the key role in redemption beside Jesus, but who was not his mother, the Virgin Mary.
        Without being told a name - that was only later - I understood that this soul was a woman who loved Jesus as a man.
        When I said vibrations in Germany are somewhat different from the States, I was referring to slightly different informations about the Sacred Union on one hand and Mary Magdalene not being assumed into heaven but reincarnating on Earth on the other.
        I do hope that you and others who read this website do meditate and pray about what I was shown and share their feelings about this, as to find the truth together.
        I repeat that for me Sacred Union has not yet taken place. Consequently, there is no bloodline, only a heartline in sucession. As I have to keep it short I do not go in to details. I just want to point out that the film ladyhawk mentioned by Margaret had struck me as well as representing what I had seen in my visions: The Union which has not yet been possible because the Lovers being on two different spheres of existence.
        Apart from what I have been shown I ask you: If there had been a Sacred Union, why the wasteland on Earth?
        If Mary Magdalene was taken to Heaven and since has been with her Beloved, why 2000 years of cold down here?
        She is the Bride in exile on Earth. The Holy Grail that has - still - to be found, that is, her reincarnation has to be found, like in the Tibetan BUddhist tradition.
        But not to put Her on a pedestal and worship her.
        I am sure she will, similar as Jesus id with the Father, always point to God, the Mother to pray to, the face of God forgotten, the true black Madonna.
        She has to be found to share and raise consciousness together. And I am sure the moment she is recognized even only by a few chosen, things will speed up.

        All my love, I hope you, Joan, and all the others will let me know how you feel about my "German" view!
        P.S. When Margaret was "given back" the Grail and the task to restore Jesus' Bride, the common ground that made conversation possible with her French dinner companion was German!
        There are no coincidences, I do feel the German vibes are very important in all this.
        Blessings to you Joan and all of you!
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  • 9/16/2012 11:23 AM Contessina Medici wrote:
    Is this comment thread current? I love this community and would like to become a part of it!
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