Sense Memory of the Sacred Feminine at Christmas

     I know there's a heavenly story about Jesus and who his mother was and who his grandmother was and who his great-grandmother was. I know the metaphysics of their spiritual consciousness is intricate. But I've become preoccupied with thinking about the earthy influence these women would have had on him. Their philosophy of life. Their cooking. Their style of celebrating the festivals.


     Even though he was the Messiah from birth, recognized by world astrologers as the one who would embody the perennial wisdom next, he still would have been influenced by family women.I don't think they shut him off in a room for years, only to come out once to try and teach the rabbis. He was influenced by the Sacred Feminine as it was expressed in the women around him. And that's what lasts.

     The feminine values are passed down through sense memory. They live in our right brains. If Jesus was taken as a youngster with his great-uncle and protector Joseph of Arimathea away to safety in the Celtic lands of his maternal people,  he would have experienced the feminine philosophy of the women there. They had more freedoms than the women in Palestine.

     Celtic people ended up as British, Irish, Scottish but they had been all over those areas we think of as the only home of the holy families. Observers in the 1st century reported that Celtic people wore brightly colored, checked woven wool clothes and that they had the universities that people sent their children to for higher learning. Part of the sense memory that Jesus would have had is the fabric of the women he loved.    And the ways in which they carried the holy festivals of the year's circle. We call it the smells and touch and sights of Christmas now but in his visiting times Jesus would have experienced it as the Light of Winter festival. The food had aroma, the women wore beautiful cloth, prayers were whispered, poems were heard..... the Sacred Feminine was absorbed.

   That's how we women do it now so our spirituality will be absorbed and passed down through the generations. 


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  • 12/14/2010 1:53 PM Ariadne Green wrote:
    I can't help but wonder what the real story was about Jesus' maternal bonds. You are right he didn't grow psychologically or spiritually in a vacuum. We grow psychologically and spiritually because of challenges. Jesus' astrology has been a research project of mine. He was born on the Vernal Equinox in 7BC and would have had his moon in Capricorn.
    With his moon in Capricorn, he would have perceived his mother as controlling, overbearing, stern, demanding and very critical. She likely pushed him too hard towards his studies wishing to mold and educate him rather then to nurture his heart with tenderness, love and support. Though respectable, her demeanor would have been reserved and her spiritual attitudes conservative and traditional. Therefore, she would be prone to withhold praise, love and appreciation for a son who she would have deemed far too imaginative
    and sensitive. I think the greater influence for divine feminine qualities would have been his beloved, Mary Magdalene.
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    1. 12/14/2010 2:11 PM Joan Norton wrote:
      Hi Ariadne,
          Interesting. I recently learned that he was born in 7 BC, but I didn't know  we knew the exact time so we could have the moon sign. Those are difficult attributes you speak about, to be sure. I was under the impression that within each sign and house there are something like octaves or levels of types of experience. Some people live the "difficult Capricorn" and some people live the "earthly secure Capricorn".  I agree with you that the influence of his love relationship with "our Magdalene" was surely the deeper love. Isn't it nice to be a part of rescuing him from his life of celibacy with his mother?
         Thanks for writing, it's always nice to hear from you. 

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