Inner Magi

    Who were those colorful Druid Magi philosophers visiting the baby Jesus on Epiphany? What is the factor in the Kingdom within you that supports the new Light, the new inspiration, the new part of yourself ? The old king is sick and needs the water of life but he wants to kill it instead, just as the old ways within never want to give up to a new way. King Herod would surely kill the new baby if he knew where it was. The Druid Magi are in tune with the messages and signs of heaven and so they follow the five pointed star, the one which the Goddess directs.


 In early writings the words Druid and Magi were used interchangeably. Druids were called Magi, Magi is a Latin language equivalent of Druid. They ranked nearly equal with their kings and had the privilege of wearing six colors on their robes, while Celtic kings and queens wore seven. The Druid philosophers of the sacred world were a one-god culture with varied expressions of divinity, who waited for a messiah as part of their trinity. Their name means Servant of the Truth, "Truth Against the World". They apparently anticipated Jesus and were prepared to accept him as the one waited for. He was a "fuller and more perfect revelation" of their own religion and philosophy. They became the Culdee church of the first century in Ireland and Britain.

    They represent a consciousness, an inner attitude that recognizes a revelation from the Mystery world. That recognizes a sacred message in a dream and  that recognizes support is needed for the dream to bring about real change. They represent an inner attitude that follows the feminine spirit, for she is the only one who births the new. The old sick king has no relationship to the Feminine at all.
  The  Druid philosophers were the keepers of the genealogies, the keepers of the sacred memory of the people. They believed in the immortality of the soul as the principal reason for leading a virtuous life. The consciousness within me and within you which will support inspiration and creativity and new paths (the baby) has sacred memory, knows your soul life. It can surely take a lot of strength to support oneself, to stick with it and keep going on the path you know is right for you.

       Doorway blessings are part of the symbolism of Epiphany, the initials of the Magi written in chalk above the door along with the date of the year to come. It's a good way to remember to support oneself within with the qualities of steadfast expectation, knowledge of the sacred language of dreams and stars, and always have your holy grail vessel ready to hold new life.

Good news! Sally has her Magdalene Rosaries back up again on a new website.


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  • 1/7/2011 8:58 AM Sandra Pope wrote:
    I love how you show that the Magi are symbolic of my inner Druids and that they support releasing the old consciousness, the old "king" that no longer serves me. You continue to open up the Christmas story in ways that energize me and lead me in creative directions. Thank you.
    I am pondering now how that "trinity's" gifts can support the baby, the new life within.
    These gifts seem to symbolize a three-fold path:
    Frankincense works on the spiritual level. It helps the ego and the Self to work together. Myrrh joins the physical body with the spiritual. "Gold," now thought to be balsam fir (Christmas tree) oil and called gold because of its as color, grounds the emotions, stimulates the mind, and relaxes the body.
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    1. 1/7/2011 9:43 AM Joan Norton wrote:
      Thank you! I wanted to write about the oils but I'm always trying to keep it short. I probably unconsciously hoped you'd contribute your knowledge about them.  Such a help, thank you.
        So one way the inner "spiritual personages" support the new is to attend to the body's  nourishment through oils that open up specific brain centers. They know that self-support is essential.  By staying emotionally grounded physically I am better able to perceive the new developments in myself and support their growth in the dark time of the year. 
        Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help with this. Joan

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  • 1/9/2011 7:21 PM Shirley Finch wrote:
    Your teachings always touch an inner truth that enriches my spirit. This is indeed the age of Christ/Sophia personified by Mary Magdalene. Thank you.
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    1. 1/10/2011 3:24 PM Joan Norton wrote:
      Thank you very much, Shirley, for sharing the journey to an expanded feminine spirit in our world. I dreamed one night recently that I'd incarnated with a group of souls who were specifically dedicated in this lifetime to support of the Holy Grail.... and when I hear from people on my blog I feel I'm in this group. Thank you, Joan
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