The Light Within the Gems

When Sally and I started together to consciously invite in the metaphysical energies of Creation in the 90's I saw her acupuncture skill as "letting in Light". Now I see her rosaries the same way.
The gems have Light, they're made of Spirit and Matter in sacred union. Some have specific consciousness for creating effect on heart and mind, but it's not necessary to know such things. 

       I remember each time I finger the sequence of the seven beads that I am dissolving the vibrational pattern of abuse institutionalized by St. Dominic and his groups of ten beads. Seven is "The Great She", the one who carries the healthy patterns of life within her being.
    Once when Sally and I were channeling together on the consciousness of particular health problems, I saw Tibetan wise men standing with her. They're the ones who first understood that the acupuncture needles let in Light.

   I simplify my reach to expanded consciousness now with these words "Dear Mary Magdalene, love incarnate, sacred vessel, holy grail. Chosen are you with all women and blessed is your union with Jesus. Dearest bride and beloved of Christ, show us the way of the heart."


    You can read more of the story of Margaret Starbird's inspirational Magdalene Rosaries in our book about the inner path of sacred union, 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine, Women in the Circle of Mary Magdalene. 

      You can see the Heart & Cross Rosary, the Magdalene Rose Amethyst Chaplet, the Gold Roses Magdalene Rosary, the Sea Treasures Rosary, the Celtic Trinity Knot Rosary, the Scarab Rosary Chaplet, the Black and Crystal Rosary and the Silver Heart Magdalene Rosary at Sally's booth at 






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  • 2/2/2011 8:31 AM Jennifer Reif wrote:
    Hi Joan,

    Thank you for this lovely post. I was at once attracted to the highly poetic title, "The Light Within the Gems." So very beautiful. Knowledge, awareness of that light is so healing, yes. Gems themselves, so valuable, beautiful, and precious, and yet there is something even better inside of them, light. She is helping to guide us toward the light of Our Maker in the feminine way, the way of least resistance, without battles, without conflicts, just Her pure and simple Path of Love. It seems like some brains are designed to need a fight, something to come up against in order to feel the thrill of success. But then, happiness, the finding of "the Light inside the Gems" is the best success of all, at least to me.

    It takes courage to let go of all the stuff that doesn't work. A message I need for today! Thank you again for your post, so lovely.

    Love Jen
    "The Holy Book of Mary Magdalene"

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    1. 2/4/2011 6:14 PM Jennifer Reif wrote:
      Hi Joan,
      I was thinking about the beautiful pearl and amethyst Magdalene rosary that Sally made (thank you again! and this poem just sort of came up...

      Violet gems, falling
      Into the Great Silken Purse.
      Taking one out, I hold it up to the sun
      And an amethyst world ensues
      Where graceful violet dancers
      Glide across a blue lake.

      Serene music, other worldly,
      Enchants with soft ancient strains,
      O Chorus of Antiquity,
      I savor Thy beauty
      Through which our human creations shine.

      And I am thankful
      Because every moment of beauty,
      And every good thing, is a violet gem,
      A radiant and sacred gift,
      From within her Great Silken Purse.

      ~ Love, Jen
      Jennifer Reif, 02/04/11
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