Magdalene and the Red Egg

  I was never satisfied with the Mary Magdalene and the Red Egg story, were you? I knew there was more. That's what we are all doing with and for her right now...finding out the MORE. It might be that the story of Mary Magdalene going to Caesar and using the egg to convince him of Jesus ' resurrection will change and we will be left with  the image of a goddess holding a red egg.


     Five thousand years before Mary Magdalene's story of "holding the egg", there was a temple in Hungary dedicated to regeneration and personal renewal. Along with circles and spirals, there were red eggs painted on the walls. Mary Magdalene's red egg story steps right into  the deep wisdom of  matriarchal religious symbols. The Red Egg is her blood, the blood that is the body's nourishing source of all life. 
     When she holds the red egg she is the goddess herself, the one who giveth and taketh away life. In this story sequence Mary Magdalene is not showing us her relatedness to the masculine principle.... here she stands in the place of all the Great Goddesses who came before her and held the world egg in their hands. Here she represents the hope of renewal within life, the hope that we can slough off old skins and become MORE of our true selves.


     You dye the eggs red using onion skins. Eating them is our act of communion with her. Eating them is our act of communion with the energies of renewal of nature.






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  • 3/17/2013 6:05 AM Christine Irving wrote:
    Lovely post. I agree about the eggs but I do love that this story exists in the Christian tradition because it shows Magdalene as a disciple and teacher in her own right. The Eastern Church was much more respectful towards her than western Catholicism and honored her form the beginning.
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