Wedding of Mary Magdalene

     Going towards the wedding and Sacred Union, Magdalene goes towards her own authority. Towards herself as Queen....towards herself as authority over her own lands.
      The Virgin-self has receptivity; the Bride and Beloved has authority.
     We ally with our own religious stories to know these qualities in ourself.  If we reduce Mary Magdalene to First Apostle, she only as authority of the Mind. Her land and body are not espoused. 
     If a woman does not carry her own sense of embodied authority, she can be treated with disrespect and even cruelty. The loss of the Queen to Jesus' King, the Bride to his Bridegroom, has made it so for women. 
To accept the role of First  Apostle is to give up once again the authority over one's own land and the embodied wisdom to govern it. So pale in comparison to "The Magdalene" who claims the wedding as her own; who claims the cross and who claims the cave.


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  • 4/9/2011 11:49 AM Sandra Pope wrote:
    Joan, I am getting ready for a wedding and thinking of that helpful line you wrote, "If a woman does not carry her own sense of embodied authority, she can be treated with disrespect and even cruelty."

    I like seeing the wedding that way. I like how it feels empowering. And it has nothing to do with the patriarchy anymore, does it?
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  • 4/10/2011 6:29 AM Jennifer Reif wrote:
    Hi Joan,

    Thank you very much for your post. It set me thinking about matters of my own life. It appears that when I have sort of too much "Virgin" going on, life will tell me and I will experience that cruelty you write about. But then I have the option to change my thinking and decide to take another view, another road.

    It's really in the "I'm not going to take it anymore" category, and then I seem to make active choices that exercise my power of authority (the Queen). The challenge is to retain compassion while making these choices to build my throne, my crown, my scepter. Symbols of power they are, built into the image of the Queen. May we all take our rightful, powerful, and compassionate places in our beautiful world.

    Love, Jen
    Jennifer Reif
    "The Holy Book of Mary Magdalene"
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    1. 4/10/2011 8:21 AM Joan Norton wrote:
      Hi Jen, You really understood the inner principles of these two powerful archetypal forces...... thanks for being with the new understandings of ancient stories. Your wonderful book really carries "the Queen" so well. 

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    2. 4/10/2011 11:27 AM Sandra Pope wrote:
      Hi Jennifer,

      Joan's post and your response to it are just the re-orientation I need right now. Thank you so much.

      I also took your book off my shelf and am finding the prayers especially helpful.

      Much gratitude,
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      1. 4/12/2011 12:22 PM Jennifer Reif wrote:
        Hi Sandra,
        And thank YOU so much for your kind words! It's a process, I also find myself trying to see the good and powerful qualities of the Virgin so as not to discount that part of myself. I often think of Demeter's daughter who was both Maiden (Kore) and Queen (Persephone). But right now I think I need more Queen!
        Love, Jennifer
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